What to Consider When Purchasing a Custom-Made Wedding Gown

30 July 2018
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When your wedding is on the horizon, it's natural to feel as though every detail should remain special. As a focal element of any nuptial celebration, your wedding dress is an item you'll cherish for years to come.

Purchasing a custom-made wedding gown is an excellent way to ensure your dress is true to your nature. Before you pursue your bespoke gown journey, there are some factors worth considering.

A custom-made wedding gown will command more of your time

The best dressmakers will pour huge amounts of time and effort into creating your custom-made wedding gown. As a result, they'll need various fittings and appointments for perfecting details, and they may have to make last-minute alterations. Overall, the process can last for months. To ensure you don't encounter hidden surprises, alert them to size changes promptly and speak up if a feature leaves you feeling less than happy.

When creating your budget, leave a significant amount of wiggle room

Buying a wedding gown off the rack comes with the benefit of knowing that you won't need to make additional payments. Depending on what you expect of your dressmaker, however, purchasing one that's custom made may see you delve deeper into your budget than you would otherwise plan for. Try not to see this as a bad thing. Having a broader budget means you can refine your dress's features, leaving you feeling extra glamorous as you walk down the aisle.

Prepare yourself, you may start to change your mind

Every bride will start their wedding-planning journey with set ideas. From the table decor to the dress, you might believe that your desires will remain unshakeable. However, when you delve further into creating your own dress, the creative process may lead you towards features you've yet to consider. 

Potentially changing your mind is another good reason to set a liberal budget. If a colour or focal point tugs at your heart strings, asking your dressmaker to reverse their work or purchase new supplies will require extra cash. But, when you do create the perfect look, every turn you take on your journey will feel worthwhile.

You'll need to remain firm

With the best of intentions, those who are close to you may bring their own ideas to the table. Everyone loves to dish out an opinion when it comes to weddings, and custom-made gowns are especially vulnerable. The trick to success is knowing what you want and not giving anybody else's idea an inch. Even if you feel harsh right now, you'll thank yourself for standing strong later.