Strategic Planning for Hotel In-room Entertainment

7 February 2018
 Categories: Entertainment, Blog


Owning and managing a hotel is not a walk in the park. The industry has many players and the level of competition is quite high. Therefore, you must be in touch with the trendy stuff if you are looking to maintain your competitive advantage. A good example is quality in-room entertainment, something many customers may not find anywhere. Today, in-room entertainment focuses on both entertainment and technology to give state-of-the-art experiences to hotel guests.

Your guests should receive ultimate entertainment at the swipe of a finger and through other fancy technologies in the market today. If you want to upgrade the infotainment system in your hotel facility, here are some useful strategies to put in place:

Focus on Your Strengths

You may be tempted to approach the question from a customer's perspective by exploring the things that your customer would like. However, the question should centre on the things that you would like your customer to experience. This will help you formulate your infotainment strategy based on the strengths that your business already has. If you already have televisions in the rooms, this is the perfect opportunity to make it an interactive hub with lots of stay-enhancing content. Make sure that the television is as personalised as possible, and this may mean upgrading to newer television models that allow customisation.

Think About the Future

When fitting in-room entertainment devices, it is important to look into the future and try to predict were trend will go. What is your target market at the moment and who do you intend to serve in the near future? Modern in-room entertainment is highly interactive. You must be able to provide a lean experience that enables your guests to use all their preferred software applications. At the same time, you should not overlook lean-back experience that satisfies the traditional "sit back and watch TV" lovers. 

Your guests' devices will play a huge role in how they use your entertainment facilities. Think about the various operating systems in the used on the devices and make sure that your facilities can support both open source and closed group operating systems (often used on high-end devices).

Help Your Customers

In-room entertainment is the perfect opportunity to sell your brand and make sure that you have many returning clients and referrals. Branded in-app purchases, maps, weather forecasts and tour guides are good packages to include in your in-room entertainment. They are helpful to your clients when added to TV-centric channels. To learn more about catering to your customers, contact services like Swift Networks.