Three Thoughts Consumers Have When They See a Corporate Marquee

24 January 2017
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Making a product stand out at industry events and expos continues to be an important strategy for garnering new business. As competition continues to stiffen both in the physical and online realms, finding an edge for a product becomes harder and harder. 

Maybe finding a niche market to exploit will keep the product burgeoning, but often its factors outside of the product itself that will have the greatest impact on its performance. How the product is marketed and delivered, for example, goes a long way to promoting increased exposure. 

When displaying a product at an expo or large industry event, stallholders can stand out from the crowd with fitted-out marquees that help build an aura of prestige around their product. In fact, there are three key thoughts that a corporate marquee can elicit from consumers that are integral to product popularity.

1. "That product must be prestigious because it has a marquee!"

A marquee well decked out with professional and well-appointed personnel boasts an aura of excellence that filters over to the consumers' perceived value of the product as well. Creating a luxury image for a brand will help the item to stand out from the crowd, with a professionally laid out corporate marquee exuding qualities highly sought after in almost every industry.

2. "This marquee is an escape from the chaos of the crowds and harsh weather!"

A comfortable looking marquee can provide the respite some consumers think they need from the rush of an expo. In finding their haven, they can also find a product that they will then associate with a feeling of comfort and safety.

3. "This company is heavily involved in the local and industry community!"

Corporate marquees are not dissimilar to marquee stalls often seen around local communities during festivals, and as such, a parallel can be drawn between a product and some level of involvement with local communities. It also shows that the product and its creator remain keen to be involved with the grassroots of whichever industry they are a part of, and this promotes trust within the consumer base.

Additionally, corporate marquees can serve as a "home base" for employees and those working within the marquee, and a unified design approach can utilise the personnel as an extension of the marquee, granting further reach through the event.

Through the creation of a positive image around a product, vendors can, in turn, boost the perceived value of the product itself. Thus, corporate marquee hire can be a particularly effective method of creating a winning product and effectively marketing it to the industry as part of an overall awareness and launch strategy.